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October 29th, 2010

                                                “LINKIN PARK IN THE END” 

Those people do not deserve anything that has happened to them, even though they have done it so many times to others. They did not know they were doing it. They want to apologize but they are too afraid of rejection. They can’t take another “No”. Maybe their parents took drugs. Maybe there adopted. Maybe they were spoiled and are just used to always getting whatever they want, not being taught how to handle rejection.

“The piano version enforces these emotions even further. The desire to go back and fix everything and become a better person will always remain. The feelings and pain that is inside of them will never REALLY go away. They have made an irreversible mistake. And a big one at that.” (Sony Records Interpreting Songs)
























































































































































































Before I continue I would like to thank Sony records and Chester Pennington for sending me the actual piano beats from the song “In The End” by Linkin Park.   

            In the beginning of the song you hear a very slow piano beat that has a low sound.  The reason for this is the song is trying to tell a story and wants you to feel the emotion of the song.  When the song reaches the climax in the middle of the song, the piano sound speeds up in tempo as Chester’s vocal chords gets louder to emphasize the importance of the line in the song.  At the end of the song the piano beat returns to the normal low pitch sound you heard in the beginning.  

            The vocal chords are used for cause and effect.  Mike Shinoda is the narrator of the song.  He is telling the story of the difficulties Chester Pennington had growing up.  He raps in the song at a very fast tempo while Chester Pennington voice carries over in a loud voice as Chester’s voice represents the emotions that he went through growing up. 

            Brad Delson was the lead guitarist for this song. The problem they had was they wanted to have the guitar play on a loudspeaker but they could not do that because the guitar was too loud due to the fact it had unlimited power.  They had problems hearing Mike sing his vocal chords and they could not hear the piano in the background which was most important in the song.  The band loved the sound that they got from the piano and wanted to have the guitar included to get that special sound.  To do this Brad switched to the acoustic guitar. Brad said, “It worked out for the best.  We had that sound quality that gave us the right tempo and rhythm needed. Sometimes it just works out the way you want it to. Lucky for us on this day everything went into place, that doesn’t usually happen right away.  It takes months to get the beat the way you want it to go.” (Linkin Park MTV interview) 

             Rob Bourdon played the drums.  His responsibilities were to control the actual speed of the song.  This was illustrated well in the middle of the song when Chester says, “I tried so hard.”  At this point if you listen carefully to the song you could hear the drums in the background speed up first.  The other instruments follow the drums in tempo. As soon as the drums slow down toward the end of the song all the other instruments slow down and eventually stop leaving you with the piano beat you heard first during the song.  Story begins with piano beat and ends with the same piano beat. 

            The song is arranged in order sequence as I illustrated above.  You start with one beat of the piano in the beginning and you end with the same exact piano beat.  This was done on purpose because it was a common way to develop a song arrangement by adding something to the second verse.  Arrangement is important because it makes the recording process easier, the mix sounds better, and the finish product is full and satisfying.  In the End has a successful arrangement that usually results in a great song. 

            Linkin Park is a very unusual group because they have a mix genre audience.  Many people feel this song appeals to rap, pop, rock, and alternative music.  The song In the End was considered a mix genre song.  Mike sang the rap part of the song and Chester played what some people describe as rock/pop audiences.  In reality to answer Joanne questions: this song was considered more of rap than pop song.  The reason for this is because Mike sang most of the song and Chester only sang for one minute.  The reason why I think people get confused with Linkin Park is they made 3 cd’s that were made for a different genre.  Many rap fans were upset with the fact that after Linkin Park came out with “Hyprid Theory” their next cd “Minutes To Midnight” was targeted toward the rock/ alternative music audience.  I know many fans were upset with their new music at that time because they felt they sold out and abandoned their true fans.  My question to the class is: What cd was out when you became a fan of Linkin Park?  That’s probably why you think Linkin Park belongs to a specific genre. 

            In conclusion, people have their own opinions on what the song In The End really means.  I believe the song means that sometimes some people are destined for tragedy.  Some people no matter how hard they try will always end up alone, sad, miserable, resentful, angry, punished, abused, or hated. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Sony Records, Interpreting Songs; pg.234

Linkin Park Interview December 2009 Special guest Brad Delson

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